The Feminine Code

Welcome to a deep dive into the power of
The Feminine Code, by Kate Murphy.
Learn how to start and build a business the feminine way.


Welcome to The Feminine Code Academy

The Feminine Code Academy is home to The Feminine Code Training - an 8-week comprehensive online training combining practical business knowledge with innate feminine wisdom.
The Feminine Code Course is an 8-week intensive online immersion into building a successful business the feminine way. The Feminine Code, created by Kate Murphy, is the first course of its kind using practical business frameworks that are woven together with the feminine wisdom of nature and its cycles.

This is a strategy and business building training - it is not an online marketing course. You will learn to create and grow a business in-tune with the lunar cycle, the seasons, the elements and the woman’s own cycle. The Feminine Code course is practical for building and growing your new business or for helping you elevate the business you are already running. By channelling the power of The Feminine Code, you will gain the tools to go after your dreams.

Hello, I'm Kate Murphy

It's nice to meet you.

I'm a BBA, an MBA, an entrepreneur, an investor, and a former tech CEO. I'm also an initiated Priestess of Magdalene, the Rose Lineage, and the Golden Age. I've spent my career as a serial entrepreneur while exploring a world of spirituality, meditation, and energetic healing modalities. With this unique background I've developed the Feminine Code to educate and empower creative women to start or refine the business venture of their dreams.

I believe you too can thrive in the business world by harnessing the power of your feminine energy -- I am honoured to guide you on this journey. I can't wait to meet you.



About the Training

The goal is to assist you in stepping into your feminine power to create and run a business in a revolutionary way. The online course has been created for entrepreneurs and for women who are in the process of finding a way of sharing their unique gifts with the world. You will learn how to embody your great gifts without having to follow the guidelines of an outdated patriarchal system.

The Feminine Code Training is a deep dive into business strategy and your energetic body, combining the two so that you can build a successful business from a place of truth and authenticity. There is nothing on the market like this.